Mayibuye iAfrika


Africans need to wake up.  It’s been over 90 days since 200 odd girls were kidnapped and they have not returned. The number of girls missing is still sketchy. It’s been less than a month since the whole TB Joshua debacle and we are mum on it. Heritage Day has been labelled Braai Day. The are other injustices taking place and have been left unresolved. What do we do? We look for other things and jump onto American fads like the ALS Ice Bucket thing forgetting what is happening at home. Americans, in doing the Ice Bucket challenge are raising awareness as to what’s going in their territory.The rest of the world could not be bothered either. They are too preoccupied with what is going on in their territory; anything that is happening outside is none of their business unless it has a detrimental effect on their functioning.

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By: Sanelisiwe Owethu Ntabeni

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