Freshette Pageant Turns to be Political Fight.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Every year, the university hosts a pageant for first year students; this year’s event was different from previous years. Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) and South African Student Congress Organisation (SASCO) saw the event fit to be one of their battle grounds.

During Major League’s performance at the Sport’s Centre, students inhaled pepper spray which was allegedly sprayed by former secretary general, Baxolile Nodada, who subsequently fled from the venue in his car, said a witness at the event.

SRC President, Nicholas Nyati, said that this was not the first time they (DASO) have been attacked by the opposition, remarking it was actually the fourth time, which is why Nodada kept the spray in his car. He feared being attacked by the opposition again.

“…whilst I was still trying to figure out what was happening, Baxolile Nodada sprayed everyone with pepper spray and ran away with his car”

The organisation has dropped previous charges but says it they will not drop charges this time because when they were asked to drop them last time they were promised a public apology, which is still forthcoming. According to the SASCO South Campus Branch Secretary, Athenkosi Bhangushe, it is unknown as to what or who started the fight. “I honestly do not know what started the fight. When I got to the room I could see that there was commotion. Whilst I was still trying to figure out what was happening, Baxolile Nodada sprayed everyone with pepper spray and ran away in his car”, he alleges. He also claims that SASCO comrades were manhandled by security and that the president announced to the students that the opposition was trying to ruin their event.

Both organisations gave their statements to the police and to the campus protection services, and are still waiting to hear from them with regards to the matter as it is still under investigation. Baxolile Nodada referred all questions to the secretary.

Written by Lisekho Madikane

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