Frustrations of a Postgraduate student

image.jpegDear research,
You hold me captive in a cage.
I feel like a parrot regurgitating ideologies and theories that I have to paraphrase.
You pin me in a corner and you try to copy and paste your structure in my mind.
You unconsciously sideline my ability to be an original and an independent thinker.
The milestones and the forefathers are there.
But is not each idea a brick down adding to the critics of each foundation?
Even houses need renovations.
Designers need to add something new as fashion trends change.
On some days we have four seasons in one day and we have to adjust our dress code to accommodate the weather.
You sometimes jam my mind.
You hold up a stop sign.
You push me on the one way lane.
I end up in traffic jam of your templates.

Written by: Celuzuze Gugulethu Mabaso

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