24-year-old mother of abandoned 3-year-old baby girl arrested, Kwadwesi

Port Elizabeth – Police have caught and arrested the mother of a Three-year-old baby girl that was found abandoned in the bushes of Kwadewsi extension on Tuesday.

After receiving a tip-off from the community police managed to arrest the 24-year-old woman at a taxi rank in Kwadwesi on Thursday night [19 October 2017] in what was an attempt to flee the area.

The Motherwell Cluster Commander, Major General Dawie Rabie alluded that he wishes to thank the community for their valuable assistance in the tracing of the mother.

“The SAPS Management also wish to thank those members of community who donated clothing items for the baby girl” he added.

The case is being investigated by the Motherwell Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit and the mother will face charges of attempted murder and child abandonment before the New Brighton Magistrates Court on Monday 23 October 2017

Recovery and Support

Baby “Sindiswa” stealing the hearts of Nelson Mandela Bay. The rescued three day old baby found in Kwadwesi is recovering well at Dora Nginza Hospital. The members at Kwadwesi police station named her “Sindiswa”, meaning “saved” in Xhosa.

 Police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge visited the hospital and took photos of baby “Sindiswa” to show the community of Nelson Mandela Bay that she is well and getting stronger.

Kwadwesi Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Singapphi Sijako was overwhelmed by phone calls of persons wanting to donate clothing and nappies for the little girl.

“We wish to thank our community for opening their hearts to this young little survivor. A special thank you also for those that assisted in the search for the mother. Donations can be dropped off at Kwadwesi police station and will be handed to the social workers dealing with this matter” he said.

Lwando Nomoyi




Port Elizabeth – The body of a 3- year-old baby girl was discovered by police in the bushes of Kwadwesi Extention on Tuesday.

The body of the baby girl was spotted by two children playing in the bushes when they heard the cries of a baby, and found her partially covered in soil. They alerted the police and the baby girl was taken to Dora Nginza Hospital where she is recovering and cared for.

SAPS is making an appeal to the community of Kwadwesi to assist in the identification of the parents of the child. Any person with information that could assist police in this matter should contact Kwadwesi SAPS at 041 405 4700 or 405 8512 or alternatively the Kwadwesi Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Singapphi Sijako at 082 302 5961.

Lwando Nomoyi

Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Show opens with a bang

Port Elizabeth – The Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week opened its show yesterday on very high note. The show started at 19h00 with an opening entertainment from dancers, who delivered the best performance. 

The showcase started with the Thabo Makheta designs, then followed by the Culture Cut, also showcasing the best designed clothes. After the two showcases the audience took a little break, as more was yet still to come. When the break came to an end, the show continued with its 3rd showcase, which was Lisokazi M designs. Kira Jade followed suit with his designs, this was then followed by another interval, the show then revealed the last designs, which was F-TEE Creations and Austin’s Creations

For those, who love to look good all the time, the 6 designers mentioned above are the people to go to, as they deliver nothing, but impeccable designs. Their designs are inclusive of different body shapes, whether one is a plus size or not. The Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Show will continue until the 14th of October.

Today, it will be the Rusultaan Fashion, where 5 designers will be showcasing their designs. Then, tomorrow (14 October 2017) the Fashion Show will conclude with Cleo Allison showcasing her designs, which will start from 15h00 until 19h00. This show will have lot of different heavy weights designers, such as Laduma Ngxokolo who is the designer behind Maxhosa.

Nosipho Keuti


Sello Maake KaNcube, proved once again yesterday to the audience as to why South Africans love him so much and being recognized as one of the best actors in the country. The former Generations and Scandal actor lived up to his standard by delivering his best performance at the Opera House, called “The House of Truth”.

The play that started at 19h00 covered the events that took place during the time of Apartheid to black people. The play revealed the pain of a black soul who wanted to pursue a career in teaching, but the Apartheid government kept on shutting doors face on.

Maake KaNcube portraying a role of Daniel Canodoce “Can” Themba who was the famous writer during the time of Apartheid. Can wanted to be a teacher, but he could not be one because the Apartheid government felt he was not good enough to become a teachernot because he did not qualify, but because of the colour of his skin.

The play draws similarities between the conditions of black people under the Apartheid era against the conditions of the contemporary South Africa, twenty odd years later into the new dispensation.

Speaking with Maake KaNcube after the show, he said the idea behind the play was to tell the story of Can Themba during the time of Apartheid. Maake KaNcube also concluded by saying that, “I don’t see the issue of race in South Africa coming to an end, in my time maybe in the coming years it will.” when he was asked on whether he believes that the issue of race in the country will ever end.

For those who missed the show yesterday, the play will continue until the 14th of October from 19h00 until 20h30.

Nosipho Keuti



lwando picBy Lwando Nomoyi

Port Elizabeth- Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Mayor Athol Trollip has vowed to take legal action against the acts of sabotage and intimidation towards the municipality after an entire weekend of water shortages in more than five municipal wards, the Mayor addressed the media in a press briefing in Port Elizabeth City Hall on Tuesday. 

Among the delegates addressing the media were MMC of Human Settlements Cllr Nqaba Bhanga and MMC of Infrastructure, Engineering, Electricity and Energy Cllr Annette Lovemore. According to the Mayor, the motive behind the water shortages was a deliberate motive to mobilise against the municipality as valves of the water taps were turned off with the intentions of citizens brewing anger against the Municipality.

“What transpired this past weekend is that systematically one ward after another, in predominantly the township areas ran out of water and we discovered that a number of water valves have been turned off deliberately without any authorisation” said Mayor Trollip.

The water valves were discovered to be turned off from Friday the 6th of October to Monday 9th, Cllr Nqaba Bhanga alluded that these valves were turned off by individuals or collectives trying to revolt residents against the municipality, further stating that these people have to be brought to book as they have infringed the constitutional rights of citizens within the Metro.

 “This is alarming and heightens the suspicion of sabotage and intimidation against the municipality.” Described Bhanga.

 Cllr Annette Lovemore has assured that the incident that transpired over the weekend will not happen again as they will be utilising every available water tank contractor in terms of emergency water cuts.

The matter will be reported to the police for further investigations.

ANC likened to Nokia 3310, Nqaba Bhanga


Port Elizabeth – The Democratic Alliance (DA) launched its #Data4All campaign at the Jebe Nangoza Centenary Hall in New Brighton yesterday (Monday 9th).  The full hall had youth that came as far as Fort Hare University to attend the launch.

Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, spoke at the launch saying that cell phones have changed in the last couple of years as they were used primarily for voice.

“[Cell phones] they have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, these instruments [cell phones] are now more focused on data because without data usemnyameni – left in the dark.  The cell phone companies hardly make money out of selling airtime to voice charges.  Their big income is data and data is too expensive for poor people.”

He further said that if poor people have no access to data they will remain poor and that he is making an appeal to government to ensure that the youth have access to data.

“We want to use the innovation and the minds of young people that are able to absorb information and those that are able to make these work, we want to empower them with accessibility to data. Lack of data must fall.”

The roll out of the 500 megabytes of data will be aimed at poor missing middle university students, matric learners and jobseekers that are on the jobseeker’s database. Addressing the packed hall – DA Youth National Chairperson, Yusuf Cassim, questioned how South Africa can be deemed as free when half of the country has no access to the internet.

“Internet access is more than just a fundamental right, it is an economic necessity. People with no internet access by definition have less economic power in the 21st century, they won’t have access to jobs and other opportunities. “

Cassim further said that this campaign did not stem from the #DataMustFall online campaign as the DA had already raised the matter in parliament in 2013.  He said that he demands that the government release mobile spectrum and that it must achieve digital migration.

Human Settlements MMC Councillor Nqaba Bhanga also took a swipe at the ANC saying that the DA youth promises a new future.

“Years back, we had the telephone called the 3310, 3310 is like the African National Congress. It has no data, no internet like the ANC. The DA youth promises a new begging for the future, a new mobile phone that will enable young people in this country to have a new beginning, a new future and a new model for #Data4All.”

Cllr further said that he wants mobile phones and data that will create jobs and employment for youth to grow the economy and freedom.

The launch had entertainment from National Acts such as Richard Saunders, NaakMusiq and local dancers.

Naziziphiwo Buso

IPTS to roll out this month

DSC_0175Port Elizabeth-The Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) launched transport month in Cleary Park this Monday, which will possibly see the roll out of the Libhongolethu Integrated Public Transport Service (IPTS) bus system.

The scandal marred IPTS system promises to bring about safe and reliable public transport to people in the Bay. NMB Roads and Transport Councilor Rano Kayser said that it was the mandate of the administration within a year to bring safe and reliable transport system to the people.

“We want to bring an inclusive [system] where the people of the Northern Areas, the people of Nobuhle and the people of Njoli square will benefit out of the integrated transport system.”

Cllr Kayser further said that transport is in the center of any economy to grow and that it important to invest in the transport sector.

 A local taxi driver, Faried Schovell, disagreed vehemently with Cllr Kayser saying that the new system is not inclusive as only a few drivers were given the formal training that will allow them to be integrated into the system.  He added that this system will only benefit the owners of the cars and not the current taxi drivers.

NMB Executive Mayor Athol Trollip then said that they cannot provide public transport without the collaboration with the taxi associations, the forums and organizations that represent people who provide daily transport to the public.

“We all have to use the roads, they all belong to us and don’t only belong to the people that own cars.  We must therefore use the roads with respect. “

He added that we as South Africa have an apartheid legacy where black and colored people lived at the peripheries of the city, which are far away from opportunities such as education facilities and hospitals. This meant that poor people use more money on transport than affluent people.

Trollip further said that the IPTS system will be affordable and hoped that residents of the NMB will make use of this transport system.

Naziziphiwo Buso